Ulys Flex e-toll

0,90 €
/day used

You only pay for the days that you use it

    No commitment
    No activation fees

Spain-Portugal and Italy options available


Ulys Flex e-toll plan

Save time and money on all your journeys

Benefit from reserved toll lanes, pass through at up to 30km/h and avoid queues at the tolls

No commitment, no hidden fees

The Ulys offers require no long-term commitment and no activation fees or security deposit

Travel throughout France, Spain, Portugal and Italy

The Ulys offers enable you to use the e-toll badge on all the motorways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with ease

Simplicity and flexibility,
ideal if you hit the road 2 or 3 times a year

Travel without restriction and only pay for the days that you’re on the move

Do you use your vehicle for summer holidays or occasional spontaneous weekends? Perfect!
Ulys Flex requires no commitment, you badge is available when you need it, and you only pay when you use it.
This means one less thing to worry about every day.

Find out everything about Ulys Flex in less than a minute:

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